PHPBB SEO (Monthly)

£350.00 / month

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Easy PC Solutions Limited provides various techniques including off-page and on page optimisation. We can conduct regular Phpbb SEO audits for core keyword groups, and pro-actively seeking out and negotiating relevant link placements on external websites to increase organic rankings.

We will audit your established business or new venture startup business website and provide technical recommendations for improving Phpbb SEO visibility and performance.

Easy PC Solutions Limited is a well respected provider of IT and marketing solutions, trusted by hundreds of small and medium sized enterprises throughout the globe to deliver first class service in web design, search engine optimisation, change management and IT Training.

We have extensive experience of increasing click through and open rates by creating well written, engaging Phpbb SEO friendly content for websites, blogs, email newsletters and social media channels.

Since 1997, Easy PC Solutions Limited has been helping our clients achieve their goals and providing them with an exceptional service which has helped their sales reach new heights and improved their online presence .

We have worked with companies across a range of industry sectors including hospitality, retail, music, media, fashion, leisure, travel, technology, sports, fashion, entertainment, property, restaurant and publishing.

As Internet Marketing specialists we can help with on-page audits, playlists and videos, back-link analysis and cleansing, manage social media presence, optimising YouTube channels, perform Competitor and SWOT analysis, driving traffic, revenue and profit, expanding organic search footprint, perform keyword research to find suitable keywords to rank your business website on page 1 of the search engines and implement content marketing and link building strategies with the aim of driving more traffic to your website. Friendly service and low prices. Contact us now for more details.

The price quoted is for 10 hours per month and comes with a no quibble 100% money back guarantee. That means, we will give you a refund if you are not happy with the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is phpBB?

phpBB is a free and open-source forum software written in PHP. It allows users to create and manage online communities by facilitating discussions through forums.

How do I install phpBB?

The installation process involves downloading the phpBB package, uploading it to your web server, creating a database, and running the installer. Detailed installation instructions are provided in the phpBB documentation.

Is phpBB free to use?

Yes, phpBB is free to use. It is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), allowing users to modify and distribute the software.

What features does phpBB offer?

phpBB includes features such as user registration, private messaging, customizable templates, moderation tools, support for multiple languages, and an extensive plugin system. It is designed to provide a comprehensive forum experience.

Can I customize the appearance of my phpBB forum?

Yes, phpBB allows extensive customization. Users can modify the appearance through themes and templates. There are also various extensions (plugins) available for additional features and customization.

How do I manage user permissions in phpBB?

phpBB has a robust permission system. Administrators can control user access to forums, topics, and features. Permissions can be set globally or customized for individual users or user groups.