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FREE £100 Facebook Advertising Credit Offer

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Facebook ads are advertisements that appear on the Facebook platform. Businesses and organizations can create and run ads targeting specific demographics, interests, and behaviors of Facebook users. Ads can appear in the form of sponsored posts, display banners, and video advertisements, among others. Advertisers are able to set a budget for their campaigns and only pay when users interact with their ads, such as by clicking on them or making a purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are social media packages?
Our Social media packages are comprehensive service offerings that include various strategies, tasks, and management services aimed at improving a brand’s presence, engagement, and results on social media platforms.

How can social media packages benefit my business?
Our Social media packages can benefit your business by enhancing brand visibility, increasing audience engagement, driving website traffic, improving customer relationships, and ultimately helping to achieve business goals such as lead generation and sales.

Which social media platforms are covered in social media packages?
Our Social media packages usually cover popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. The specific platforms included may vary depending on the package and your business’s target audience.

Can social media packages help with content creation and scheduling?
Yes, content creation and scheduling are typically included in social media packages. This involves creating engaging and relevant content, designing visuals, writing captions, and scheduling posts in advance to maintain a consistent and active presence on social media.

Do social media packages include social media advertising?
Yes, many social media packages include social media advertising services. This involves creating and managing ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads to reach a wider audience, promote products or services, and drive conversions.

Are social media analytics and reporting included in social media packages?
Yes, social media packages often include analytics and reporting services. This allows businesses to track key performance metrics, such as follower growth, engagement rates, reach, and website conversions, and gain insights into the effectiveness of their social media strategies.

Are social media packages customizable based on specific needs?
Yes, our social media packages can be customized based on your specific needs and goals. We offer different package tiers or the flexibility to add or remove specific services to tailor the package to your requirements.

How long does it take to see results from social media packages?
The timeframe for seeing results from social media packages can vary depending on factors such as your current social media presence, target audience, and the effectiveness of the strategies implemented. Generally, it takes time to build an engaged following and see measurable results, but consistent effort can lead to positive outcomes.


Easy PC Solutions Limited offers a range of services to businesses around the UK, helping our clients achieve their goals and providing them with an exceptional service which has helped them reach new audiences whether the customer is using a mobile device, personal computers or other device and assisted them in improving their online presence. We have worked with companies across a range of industry sectors including hospitality, music, fashion, construction, education, health care, accounting, leisure, travel, legal services, rental and leasing, fashion, creative arts, property, restaurant and publishing. We will utilise on-page and off-page optimization methods to enable your website to achieve better position on the major search engines. We will implement creative and innovative strategies in order to building brand awareness for your business, conduct keyword and content research, and site analysis using a range of tools and acquire links both with content and relationship building. Friendly service and low prices.
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What’s included:

 New Facebook Likes
New Twitter Followers
New Pinterest Followers
PR 4 – 10 Backlinks
Social Media Posts
Social PPC Advertising
Interact with audience
Instagram Promotion
Free Instagram Followers
Free Facebook Advertising Credit
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